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As a Store Director for Madewell, it's easy to see where Liz Rauch-Molburg gets her effortless sense of fashion from. Possessing a level of cool that manages to avoid intimidation, the Chicagoan's wedding was just as equal-parts chic and laid-back as her everyday style. 

Favorite detail from your wedding?

I have so many it's hard to choose just one. It was a DIY wedding and I was so happy with how everything turned out. Probably my favorite details were our ceremony and decor. [My husband] Colin made our planters and I thrifted our rug. Candlelight Ceremony at sunset was short and sweet! Kim, our officiant, did a fabulous job and stayed true to us! 

The one moment you'll never forget?

Our first look! We decided to see each other prior to the ceremony and take photos at Garfield Park Conservatory. Our photographer, Kaley, set us up for our first look and captured some amazing moments. I get so emotional just looking at the photos! 


One thing you would worry less about in retrospect? 

My wedding dress. It was perfect, but because I got it for such a great price - I kept second guessing it months prior. 

How did you manage the pressures from parents and future in-laws?

All decisions were based on what felt true to us! 

How did you delegate tasks between you and your fiancé?

Colin planned our honeymoon (and it was a dream) and I planned the wedding. We set aside time to work through challenges together. Weekly checklists kept us on track!  

The last month before the wedding, how did you keep yourself organized to make sure you didn't forget anything?

Checklists, checklists, checklists! Also, couldn't have done it without the help from my friends. Mel Holmes, she was my go-to gal. We did a last minute thrift haul in the suburbs two weeks before the wedding that really pulled everything together. 

Advice for picking bridesmaids?

No bridesmaids. We were engaged in Paris in February 2017 and the wedding was set for October 2017. With less than a year to plan and execute our wedding, we opted for a small non-traditional wedding. My close girlfriends still held out bridesmaid duties, which I'm forever grateful for! 

Things you had to sacrifice to keep your budget in check?

Room switch - It's pretty traditional when you have the ceremony and reception in the same location to do a room switch with a cocktail hour in between. We opted again for the non-traditional and saved money as a result. 

My close girlfriends did a great job spending hours beforehand setting up all the decor and making our vision come alive. All guests sat at candlelit dining tables during the ceremony, creating an intimate setting for a wedding with 80 guests. 

What was something that was captured at your wedding that you didn't expect but loved?

My favorite shots are candid ones of us and photos with unexpected backdrops and great lighting. Find a photographer you trust and you'll love your photos as much as we do ours. 

I also highlight suggest a Photo Booth, without props. Our guests created their own from our wedding decor and we had laughs for days.

Morning after advice? How did you find time with your new husband without neglecting all the friends and family that were in town? 

Our wedding was on a Sunday. In true Liz and Colin form we had departure for our Italian honeymoon the following day! Round of Bloody Mary's please. 

Best day-of advice?

Bride outfit change - A week before the wedding, I altered a vintage dress to wear out to the bar after the reception. 

Be present - turn off your phone. 

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