The Chicago Honeymoon Guide to the West Loop

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When most people think of Chicago, they think of the Second City. However; with neighborhoods like the West Loop, it's no surprise why it's becoming people's first choice when scouting out honeymoon destinations. While it may not present the most ideal weather for those traveling in the winter, it's undeniable that come spring, the city transforms itself entirely. 

Formerly the meatpacking district, the West Loop is now known for its fair share of boutique hotels, local galleries, and some of the best bars and restaurants in the city. Granted, while sometimes overwhelmingly trendy, we've rounded up the neighborhood's best (and least overrated) features. 

To Eat: Avec

A marriage between Mediterranean and Midwestern cuisine, Avec presents a balance of these two influences via shared plates. Staying true to its rustic roots, you'll find yourself seated in a wood-paneled room that feels more cozy than stuffy and sipping on a natural wine selection reflective of Southwestern Europe. 

To See: Aspect Ratio

Ideal for gallery hopping, the West Loop hosts an overwhelming range of venues and artistic practices. Topping that list is Aspect Ratio, Chicago's only commercial video art space. Featuring exhibitions focused in contemporary film and performance art, it's the perfect space to get lost in for an hour or two.  

To Shop: Rider for Life 

A discreetly located shop that's easy to miss if you're not looking for it, Rider for Life hosts a plethora of goodies to satisfy any shopper. Deemed a space for the travelers, wanderers, and admirers, you'll find everything from Berber rugs to perfectly distressed Re/Done jeans. 

To Drink: Bad Hunter

An aesthetically pleasing space absorbed in natural light, the appeal of Bad Hunter arises from their menu being just as good (if not better) than their atmosphere. With vegetarian-focused plates that make snacking on appetizers guilt-free, their cocktails rival the best of the best. We recommend ordering a Mermaid Water to start, you'll want to keep them coming. 

To Sleep: Ace Hotel Chicago 

Located in the heart of the West Loop, the Ace Hotel's appeal is derived from its sheer walkability. Just a few short minutes from the West Loop's best bars and restaurants, the hotel also offers its own restaurant, rooftop bar, and a Stumptown Coffee Roasters for when venturing beyond the hotel lobby seems to require too much effort. 

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